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Collage to me is more than just creating colourful images and funny compositions. It is a way to contemplate feelings & emotions, and through the process, to heal and honour the lessons learned along the way.

Recently, I've decided to face some traumas that were stuck with me for a long time. The inspiration came when I was listening to a song by Massive Attack named "Teardrop". By paying attention to the lyrics and the history behind it, I felt deeply connected to the concept and tried to incorporate to my path.

And this is the result. "Teardrop" is a piece not very colourful, but balanced, which honour my pathway, no matter what had happened in the past. This piece is a reminder that escapism is not the solution. Moreover, with trust and love, we can transform fear into a powerful tool to heal ourselves and to help others.

. 55 x 75cm
. UnFramed
. Price in $AUD
. All original artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity dated and signed by the artist.
. FREE shipping within Australia. Shipping prices to other countries may vary according to region specifications/conditions. To discuss prices or if you have any questions please email us at fabiobmanzini@gmail.com