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New Roots

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This collage is my first submission to the Glebe Art Show.
I made this piece in homage to the charming Glebe (an inner-western suburb of Sydney), my first reference of home in Australia.

It was also the first time I created something digitally before start juxtaposing on paper. The tram I made is an illustrative version of the old trams of Sydney, preserving colours, numbers and route as the original.

Inside the vehicle, I included some things I had at home and the cat I adopted at the time. Outside, there is a magpie and a possum, to represent the animals I usually saw on my way home.
Below, sustaining the tram, I included some tropical references and the new roots that started to grow to sustain my new journey in Australia.

. Collage on paper
. Artwork: 45 X 65cm (Frame: 50 x 70cm)
. Framed (Brown Frame with glass)
. Price in $AUD
. All original artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity dated and signed by the artist.
. FREE shipping within Australia. Shipping prices to other countries may vary according to region specifications/conditions. To discuss prices or if you have any questions please email us at fabiobmanzini@gmail.com